The Underlying Concept Behind : "From Limestone"

Thinking back to the time when I began taking up a course in lithographic printmaking, I recalled my curiosity about how limestone could be used to make printing blocks for producing images.
Having understood the chemical process involved in the technique and the fact that grease will cling together but will not mix with water,
I began experimenting by using stick tusche to draw on the stone blocks with solutions of different mixtures to test the chemical reactions that take place.
As a result, different natural effects with interesting textural images were produced.

Impressions of the chemical effects on limestone blocks that came back to mind inspired me to set out on a quest to find some answers through the facts of nature and inner abstract feelings, in the search for "body & soul of nature".

In "Images from the Mind", I wanted to present both the images and the process brought about through mental abstractions of inner thoughts and feelings.
In other words, it may be seen as abstract expressions from chemical effects on limestone blocks which I call images from inner thoughts of the mind.
It is a reflection of the inner voice which at present we tend to turn away from. The voice of inner truth that is real and to which we must turn back and listen to in the end in order to find our own selves without resisting its current.
According to the sayings, all things go on and are constantly changing; bear in mind that material is immaterial, and do not be obsessed with the physical being of the self.

The spiritual power inherent within these art works convey thoughts and meanings through the language of abstractions, and we need to rely on our spiritual mind in order to hear and understand the "voice from within" more clearly.

"Range of Stones" is a follow up of the idea in "Images from the Mind". It relates about nature and existence through the use of stones as a symbol, interwoven with paper strips which have lithographic prints made on them to convey "force & time" in nature while searching for feelings from within the stones.

"Range of Mountains" represents the abstraction of mountains. Mountains, stones, convey a sense of greatness, solidity, and stability which together with the force of attraction between "time and matter" they may be high, low, or rounded like a mound.
Regardless of whether they are formed from earth, rock, or even iceberg, they all have the same basic true essence.
The sky-high mountain, rock, stone, pebble, grain of sand, are all abstract expressions in themselves if we were to be not obsessed with size.
"Range of Mountains" illustrates the broad range of mountain images in various sizes (some of which are drawn and some are of actual stones) according to the natural and temporal conditions, and also has a connotation about the soul of nature. Under another connotation, I filled a glass jar with stones and placed it on a limestone base-plate. The mountain - stone beneath, is the product of thoughts, and is a contemplation on the nature of stone. The significance of mountain -stone on the whole is therefore to represent symbolically, "Mountain of Thoughts" filled with a variety of subjects.

Contemplating on each thought or each stone, or in creating work of art for that matter, through the "five properties that lead to strength in Dhamma" which are faith, determination, consciousness, concentration and thoughts, will enable one to encounter the real essence of truth.

>> Installation view


Range of Stones 1/98
Lithograph, stone-paper
79 x 109 cm.


Range of Stones 2/98
Lithograph, stone-paper
79 x 109 cm.


Range of Stones 3/98
Lithograph, stone-paper
79 x 109 cm.


Range of Stones 4/98
Lithograph, stone-paper
79 x 109 cm.


Positive - Negative/98
(Installation view) limestone blocks, carborundum, talcum. iron
room 250 x 600 x height 270 cm.


Images from the Mind, 1998
(Installation view)
Two elements : 30 limestone blocks on the floor, limestone blocks, carborundum, talcum 255 x 388 cm., h. 60 cm. 45 Prints by lithograph on lives BFK paper 155 x 405 cm. (each 30 x 44.5 cm.)
Reference : - Art and Social Change (Contemporary Art in Asia and The Pacific), Australia


Range of Mountains,1998
(Installation view) Lithograph, limestone blocks, stone, carborundum, glass jar
Reference : - Art Asia Pacific (Quarterly Journal: Issue 24)
- Art and Social Change (Contemporary Art in Asia and The Pacific), Australia


Range of Stones, 1998
Lithograph, stone, stone-paper
420 x 364 cm.
Collection : - Ministry of Culture, Bangkok, Thailand
Reference : - Art Asia Pacific (Quarterly Journal: Issue 24)


“From the Inside to the Outside”, 1998-1999
(Installation view),
room: 650 x 1200 cm., height 400 cm.