Installation 2000-2002

In the year 2000, I had the opportunity to participate in the "Euro-visions" art event which followed "Alter Ego 1999" - the cooperation project between Thai-European artists based on the concept of foreign experiences that affected changes in the way of life or how they influenced the artistic spirit.
The event centered around impressions of Europe that are both positive and negative, as well as the linking of cultures.
My impression was that some countries have great powers and call themselves civilized while still continuing to maintain their powers: some were once powerful but have now declined, and some are attempting to regain the power that they had lost through time.
In terms of cultural acceptance, looking at the similarities and differences, preferences and prejudices, some may seem to be enigmatic and ambiguous. From my point of view, Europe is like a huge mirror that reflects time and what is going on in the world beneath all the cultural differences such as history, religion, beliefs, and even praying practices that are different from those in the East. This also includes climate, food, architecture, and colorfulness.
Although this view is based on differences in cultural roots, but it is not possible to retain the old roots entirely as they have been cross adopted and integrated into a new culture with few traces of the old.

The issue of clothing culture which raises the concept of being the "leader of fashion," reflects the fact that "...being modern with subtle nuances of old and new is like drawing the attention back to the past to look at the real roots."
That " past and present are just changing values that never stand still, yet never move in the direction of peacefulness. It is merely the outer shell or desire, and does not necessarily represent the true self or that of being civilized."
This can be seen from " Evolution & Revolution : THAI EUROPEAN FASHION NEWS, 2000" in which the same idea has been alluded to along with the symbolism involved to emphasize the "value" of being "human."
The use of shed snake skin has the connotation that is reminiscent of "Shed Skin" In 2001 which "...wallpaper..." was compared to "" that encases life to the point of being unable to distinguish between what is essential and what is excessive.
"Wallpaper" in its original connotation represents the decorative element that hides the truth that dare not be revealed, and is therefore only the skin (shell) that we are obsessed with and cannot shed.


“Evolution and Revolution : THAI – EUROPEAN FASHION NEWS”, 2000
Mixed Media (Variable)
Reference : Thai - European Contemporary Art Exhibition (EURO VISIONS)


"...Shed Skin", 2001


“….Outer Shell…”, 2002
Reference : Thai - American Art Exchange