"...Crisis..." AS mentioned, human beings, regardless of race or religion, possess the same state which can be experienced from within the mind : "the state of mind" which is a one sided view - that is the view of the outside, to the point of being trapped by the shell.
This piece of work is intended to convey the sense of being in a state of fear, insecurity, concern and risk.
The mind is not calm and lacks rationality. In other words, they are taking over the mind. This is an illustration of the direct influence that the outside has on the inside and there is danger of inner conflicts.
The large copper wire net in which the victim is caught underneath, is like a spider web that draws the victim into the trap. It is there but cannot be seen, and one complacently looks right through the net. If our mind is conscious of the outside (or what is around us), and the inside (which is the mind itself), then we can be free of such situation.