"...Way of the Mind..." This ...mind... is light, swift and unstable. So it can easily drift away with emotions. To keep the mind consciously clear, which would make it light and free, is to be liberated from being attached.
like the lotus flower that blooms high above the water surface and is not wet. Although the lotus stems from mud, it is clean, pure, beautiful and untainted.

The implication here, is to shed the shell that encases the mind, liberating it and making it wiser by understanding the body-mind relationship through making the mind conscious of every movement and action whether it be sitting, walking, or sleeping, so as to perceive life and the way of life that would lead to experiencing the unity between the physical and nonphysical.
Knowing the nature of the way things are, is knowing through the mind. with the mind fixed and immersed under a single emotion, it may be meaningful or meaningless in terms of reasons. This is analogous to taking stones and pebbles and mixing them in various colors, using a personal technique.
This is like the different emotions that are enriched on the outside together with the feelings inside, and determining the direction of movement of the stones-pebbles and pigments in a consistent way.
It is like concentrating the mind on each breath that takes place in a systematic way. Without concentration and control, the body and mind will moue parallel to each other and can never be united as one.

At the level of the relationship between body-mind, physical-nonphysical, this is the state of being conscious in the search for essence in meaning, so as to raise the Level of the mind to that of being elated and serene, which is the aim in reaching Buddha-Dhamma, and is also the aim of my work.
Therefore, knowing the mind by concentrating on each breath, is to know every inhale and exhale, that is the "way of the breath."