Mixed Media Sculpture 2002-2007


The Blessing of Suwannaphum, 2003
Mixed Media Painting
60 x 60 inch
Collection:Suvarnnaphum International Airport


Way of Mind (Mixed Media)
Art in Box (the 4th Thai Contemporary Art Project 2003-2004)
Variable size


Sangkarn, 2003
Mixed Media (to carve, lathe, sacred wood with pearl inlaid form of zodia on canvas)
250 x 110 x 30 cm.


Elephant, 2005
Mixed Media (Inkjet)
56 x 53 cm.


Depending on, 2003
wheelchair, cane, plastic, elastic ball, polymer, and lights
Variable size


The Step as sufficiency on the way of Dharma, 2006
Mixed Media Sculpture: wool, steel, and cane
Variable size


OTOP City, 20003
Mixed Media
Invited Artist by Thai Government “OTOP CITY 2003” Impact Arena Bangkok, Thailand