Photographs and Collage Works
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The Cross - The Egg - The Cow - The Squash -
What do these words bring to your mind ?
Do they smack of a psychiatric ploy ?

Of course I could either weave them into a tale for your benefit -
Or leave them all up to you - to weave your own -

Women have these basic roles - as a daughter and / or wife and / or mother -
I do not yearn for the greater glorification of womanhood -
Though I do think every woman has the right to enjoy such yearning.

My grandfather made the cow-mask to go with the tiger-mask -
For children to play tag with.
I happen to be born in the year of the cow -
This does not mean I let any tiger pursue me or pounce on me.

These works are distilled from experience and emotion -
an activity directly affecting me body and soul.

They are mainly composed of paper -
they are fragile - each possessing its individual appeal - they are of nature –
they have their hidden power to speak to that secret elusive area of the heart & mind.

They underline the womanly potential
You are the examiner - and the examined

October 1991

From the exhibition brochure
The Cross The Egg The Cow & The Squash
Silom Art Space, Bangkok
November 9 – Dec 7, 1991

Translated from Thai by Chancham Bunnag


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