Eggs, Breasts, Bodies, I, Etcetera
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I started using breast forms in my work 3-4 years ago. Some stand up right. Some are sagging. I used them as a monument for womanhood. And at other times just being the “SELF” picking up on sensible and non-sensible subjects that come through life. It would be most boring if either component is missing. The abstract female figure forms a vessel. Eggs are about power and control. Some say my works are highly personal and frequently sexual. Some call it semi-autobiographic. All are true in a sense. For whatever cause, I make these works because they challenge my conscience and sub-conscience. And that is a very important fundamental reason for me.

From the exhibition brochure
eggs, breasts, bodies, I, etcetera.
The Art Center, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
August 7 –30, 1997



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