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Womanly Bodies in Australia
Womanly Abstract, Womanly Bodies, Womanly Tensions, Womanly Bodies in Print, continued-compelled-comforted
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Womanly  Abstract  -  Womanly Bodies

Why the egg ?  Why the breasts ?  Why the bodies ?  Why the woman ?  There’s no definite answer.  Mostly because they are from within my conscience  ( and/or sub-conscience ) .  Mostly because I wanted to be honest with myself.

These works are a continuation process of my works for the past 10 years, examining and underlining the essence of the female being through the SELF.  Since around 1993 the works have somehow become more straightforward, comprising the female body  as the main focus. Now the body becoming a vessel turns abstract.

Truthfully, I don’t have words for these works. They are so overwhelming and challenging to me. I  just wanted to be more “abstract”. Not meaning that they are less representational. But if I really have to explain,  these would be some of my definitions.
woman  -  the mystery
woman  -  the incomplete
woman  -  the versatile
woman  -  the passionate
woman  -  the vessel
woman  -  the practical
woman  -  the nonsense
November 1998

From the exhibition catalog
Womanly Abstract
About Studio/About Café/ A Reading Room, Bangkok
February 13 – April 17, 1999

it’s still raining outside. finally the rain has arrived. once again.
wet. damp. lush.
the rain before your eyes. blurs. but somehow the mind becomes clearer.

for the past 6 months i have been drawing, painting, sculpting, de-stitching, printing, dreaming these images.
the breast  transformed.
the body - vessel opens up.
subtle vibes.
strange energy.

the breast candles are lit.
life. another phase
enter, feel, explore, discover, let go, or just simply enjoy.

april, 2000

From the exhibition catalog
Atelier Frank & Lee, Singapore
May 20 – July 8, 2000


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