Education :
1933-1937 - Poh Chang, School of Art and Crafts, Bangkok
1937-1941 - School of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Bangkok

Selected Exhibition :
1949-1959 - 1st-6th,10th National Exhibition of Art, Department of Fine Arts, Bangkok
1974 - 1st Bua Luang Exhibition of Paintings, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1977 - 24th National Exhibition of Art, Department of Industrial Promotion Bangkok
1979 - The Retrospective of National Exhibition of Art, Silpakorn University Art Gallery, Bangkok
1980 - The Exhibition of Thai Art, The People Republic of China.
1986 - Special Exhibition in Honour of Senior Artist Prasong Padmanuja, The National Artist, Organized by Fine Arts Department, The National Gallery, Bangkok.

Honours & Awards :
1949/54/55 - Silver Medal (Decorative Arts), 1st, 5th and 6th National Exhibition of Arts
1950-51 - Gold Medal (Decorative Arts), 2nd, 3rd National Exhibition of Art
1953 - Bronze Medal (Decorative Arts), 4th National Exhibition of Art
1954 - Silver Medal (Decorative Arts), 5th National Exhibition of Art
- Accredited "Great Artist" (Decorative Arts) by the Office of the National Culture Commision
1986 - Honorary The National Artist (Visual Arts, Painting)