Rama IX Art Museum Artist : Sanamchai  Puangraya
Artist : Sanamchai  Puangraya
Imagination is as important as an idea and living. Especially, for people who work creatively, pick up and transform his imagination from depth of heart.
Developing and moving with color, intervenes in different shapes that initiate the sky, the hill, the sea, the rainbow and all of life that live together under the rule of nature.
With those natures, leave us space between reality and fantasy to let them flow through each other which we cannot predict where that space is.
For Sanamshai Puangraya, the artist who's expanding his land of freedom perceives clearly that the space given is in fact the secret line between his thoughts and his mind.
He will meet and sense it only when he's working, apart from that is only his fanciful.

Sanamchai has spending his life in Thai Art for a long time. He can transform his experience and imagination through his works, pieces to pieces.
"The Land of Freedom"was transmitted continuously. Every single square inch in each painting was newly created and the intention is happiness.
The colors, shapes and the atmosphere in his works seem to be free from the period of time. Every small detail that put together into a large form was hiding the meaning of lives impressively.
They have shown the existing of things that relate to each others, both in the same circle and the different one.
Sanamchai assumes that he is just a little living thing, observing every single life equitably, drifting in that land freely and comfortably.
That's the only happiness he can touch while he was oppressed from the truth in his real world. He has to earn money for his sick sister and mother.
Even if he has to work hard but he never forgets his duty from paradise in creating the phenomenon of heart that flourish in "The Land of Freedom" and welcome every hearts who desire for their free.

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Artist : Sanamchai  Puangraya
Artist : Sanamchai  Puangraya
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