Mae-Chee Sansanee's Concept of One-stoke Chinese Ink

With the power of a meditated mind and human's consciousness, mindfulness can be enhanced. A meditated mind and consciousness are, however, not the goals of life, but miraculous tools developed by humans to unleash intellectual potential, which is the ultimate art of existence. Meditation can lead us to the shore of mental serenity, free us from suffering, and give us the aura through all tasks of life.

Each brush stroke is like making a decision in response to a phenomenon. With a disturbance-free mind comes wisdom. Precision can be seen in graduality, stresses, rhythms and positive-negative spaces; everything combines in harmony as we possess a profound knowledge of life, nature and states of truths. The pure, true nature inside will be uncovered as one, like the monochrome black ink on an empty surface of white paper.

A single brush stroke results in existence and non-existence. These come along with the four elements of strength, gentleness, heat and cold. In addition, the brightness and darkness portray joys and sufferings, while the depth gives the sense of near and far that could extend to infinity. In the oneness, there is everything, and in everything, there's a perfect harmony. Similarly, humans and all the world's beings are one.

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