Rama IX Art Museum


Born :

31 October 1934

Pass away :

5 March 2014

Education :

1957 :

Graduated from Bangkok School of Art and Crafts

1959 :

Studied under direct supervision of Prof.Silpa Bhirasei, the founder and first rector of silpakorn University, Bangkok.

Award :

1960 :

Awarded 2nd Prize, Mural Competition organized by the Standard Vacuum Oil Co.,Ltd.

Exhibition/Experience :

1959 :

Participated in the National Exhibition

1961 :

Joined the Civil Service as Art Instructor and Lecturer, Faculty of Paintings, Sculpture and Print-Making, Silpakorn University, Bangkok
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Silapakorn University, under the direction of Prof. silpa Bhirasri

1962 :

Group exhibition at the Goethe-Institute, Bangkok (Painting)

1963 :

The 1st International Exhibition of Art, Saigon, Vietnam (Painting)

1964 :

The International Exhibition of Art in Texas, U.S.A. (Painting)
Group exhibition at the Gift Gallery
Group exhibition at the Elizabeth Gallery
The Fourth of Series on Young Asian Artists, by Anukul Ratanapan, for the Asia Magazine, may 31, 1964

1966 :

Group exhibition at the Sai Nam Thip Gallery (Painting)
Group exhibition at Bangkok Gallery of Art (Painting)
Designed and Sculpted the Bronze Statue of Bro. Rogatine, The founder of the Assumption Commercial College, Bangkok. (Commissioned Project)

1967 :

Series of Drawings on Asia Cities, 'Bangkok', for The Asia Magazine, May 28, 1967.
Restoration work on the Royal Collection of Oil Portraits, Chitr Ladda Palace, Bangkok. (in close collaboration with the portrait painter, Ms. Lawan Daorai and Arphorn Na Songkla, an expert on restoration works.)
Created a collection of paintings in close collaborations with Ms. Lawan Daorai for the Phuping Royal Palace (The Northern Palace) in Chiangmai Province
Art consultant to acquire art objects for the Phuping Royal Palace, Chiangmai Province

1968 :

Represented Thailand at the Biennial of Sao Paulo

1969 :

Organized a collection of "Rejects" from the 1968 National Exhibit and resubmitted to the Juries 1969 National Exhibit as new entries. (same group of juries as in 1968) As a result. One of the rejects was awarded 3nd prize in 1969. Prior to 1969, had participated in the National Exhibit for 10 consecutive years, awarded 3 Silver Medals, 6 Bronze Medals. With deep indignation, have never participated in any of the National Exhibit again after 1969

1971 :

A Retrospective Show at the National Gallery, a collection of paintings, sculptures, prints, a total of 225 pieces.

1974 :

Resigning from the Civil Service (Teaching Position) along with 11 other lectures, protesting the unethical conduct of the acting Dean of the Faculty of Paintings, Sculptures, and Print-Makings. The Acting Dean refused to act upon recommendations by the Hearing Committee appointed by the Bureau of University Affairs to fix the situation in the campus, which resulted in the Rector resigned from his post. Later, the group of 12 lecturers resumed their teaching with support from many quarters, including university lecturers and student unions. The "Thailand Higher Education Teachers Association" was subsequently established.
Group Exhibit on "The development of Contemporary Paintings, Sculptures, and Print Makings by Thai Artists" at the National Theater, Department of Fine Arts, Bangkok.

1975 :

Collective Project on May Day, in close collaboration with younger artists, painted a public mural to celebrate the 1975 May Day on the exterior wall of the Law faculty Building, Thammasat University, Bangkok.
Collective work on a free-standing statue of "The Workers" to commemorate the first official Labour Day announced by the government, unveiled on May Day, 1975 at the Main Hall of the Thammasat University, Bangkok.
Participated as an invited artist in the 2nd exhibit organized by the Dharma Group, with an objective of campaigning for the future National Gallery at the present site opposite the National Theatre.
Co-founded of the United Artist Front of Thailand
Personally involved in the creation of the original life-sized sketch of the Statue of the October 14 Heroes, install in time to celebrate the foundation stone-laying ceremony at the historic site in Bangkok.

1977 :

Commissioned by the Spiritual Research Institute to scrulpt a bronze statue (4.10 Metre height) of the heroic king, Pho Khun Pha Muang, permanently erected at the historic site in Lomsak District of Phetchabun Province

1979 :

Co-founded the Artist Society of Thailand, actively organized 4 annual non-juried exhibitions as alternative to the officialy juried National Exhibit. Travelling exhibits were organized for public viewing in various provinces. This society was responsible for exhibiting members' works in Japan and France without any financial support from the government.

1980 :

Commissioned by the Journalist Federation of Thailand to design its official emblem and to design the publication of the Federation's preamble and principles Together with Ms. Lawan Daorai, created a collection of portraits of important personalities in journalistic circle, this oil and acrylic collection was exhibited at the Public Relations Department.

1984 :

Group Exhibit on "Portraiture" at the National Museum, Bangkok.

1985 :

Co-founded the "Peace Group" in Bangkok and organized the first "Thai - Japanese - German Joint Exhibition" at the silpa Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok.
Upon request from Peace Coalition to creat the "Santi" Memorial (Peace Memorial) in relief, 2.20 x 1.80 x 1.20 M. casted in bronze mounted over the marble and concrete base for permanent exhibit in public at the Dharma - stan, Chulalongkorn University.
Participated in a special group exhibit which included works by HRH Princess Sirindhorn at the Technical College - Northeastern Campus, Nakorn - Rachasima Province.

1986 :

Participated in the 2nd Peace Group Exhibit "Triangle' 86" in Kawasaki City, Japan, in Collaboration with Japanese artist. To mark the occasion, a symposium on "the Artists' Roles and Commitment to nature and Mankind" or also organized in Kawasaki City.
Group Exhibit, "Korat' 86" held at the Northeastern Branch Office of the Industrial Investment Corporation of Thailand, Korat, Nakorn - Rachasima Province.
Group Exhibit "Thai Art Exhibition" at the Art Museum in Beijing and Kwanchou, People's Republic of China, organized by Silpakorn University.
Guest lecturer at the special symposium in conjunction with the screening of a film titled "The Great British Artist" (Henry Moore) at the National Gallery for selected audience.

1987 :

Group Exhibit, the 1st exhibition on "Art and Events in October", at the Art and Culture Hall, Thammasat University presided over by Prof. Sulak Sivaraksa.
Silpakorn University Alumni Association on her birthday on April 2, 1987

1988 :

Article on "Criticism on Aesthetics and Art Theories", written upon request from the Research Centre of Silapakorn University, and published in the Silpakorn U. Journal, special edition with special focus on "the Preservation and Development of the Arts", 9th year, No.1, June - November, 1988

1989 :

Group Exhibit, with members of the Faculty of Decorative Art, Silpakorn U. Art Gallery, Bangkok.

1990 :

Group Exhibit, a special art exhibition to commemorate the 100th Birthday Anniversary Phrya Anumanrajthon and Phra Saraprasert.
Committee Member of the "Thailand Higher Education Teachers' association" Spent 4 weeks in Paris visiting Galleries - an attempt to observe and study major works based on Art theories, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Prof. Silpa Bhirasri.
Committee Member and participant in the Peace Exhibition August 11 - 18, the 45 Anniversary of the Peace Day in Thailand at the Main Hall, Thammasat University.

1991 :

Commissioned to design and sculpt the statue of Dr. Pridi Banomyong, Father of Parliamentary democracy, and Extraordinary statesman, at Thammasat University.

2019 :

Sompot Upa-In's Aesthetics, at The Queen's Gallery, Bangkok.


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