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Landscape - Painting (1995-2003)
In nature, lights and colors are always in relation. As all objects of nature are touched by light, it will express different colors which are changing according to the seven different colors in nature. An easy example is when sunlight is distorted in mists, it will reflect different colors as we know commonly as rainbows. Or when objects surrounding us are shown upon with light, it will reflect the colors of the object. We can clearly see that light, colors, and shadows are in relation with all objects and are a harmonious part of nature.

"Nature is mysterious, magnificent and full of incomparable beauty"; these are the inspiration of art.
To express the impressions which are different from each point of perspective, by creating art with confidence and experience through colors, light, and brush stroke upon canvas. Filled with true feelings for the objects in view, expressing place, time, light and movement of atmosphere, becoming beautiful and lively works of art.

This collection is a gathering of oil paintings created between the years 1995-2003, which I painted because of my good impressions during my travels, seeing beautiful nature in various provinces. I have chosen to paint these memorable beautiful scenes which gave me various feelings at different places and time. I hope that these paintings will give the viewers happiness and elation, or that it would stimulate more development of art circle in Thailand.

Presently, we can see many more branches of art. Sometimes it is difficult to categorize the branch of art of each picture, just like any other subject of knowledge, which is always developing and changing.

However, for paintings, most Thai artists utilize one popular kind of paintings since when this method was first introduced in Thailand. That method is impressionism, which is based on real visions of nature. Artists also developed techniques of using colors, light according to scientific findings. Details are neglected, giving only the general atmosphere and feeling created by colors and light all around. The forms appearing in these paintings are depicted from both the vision of nature and the impression of the artist at the certain moment.

Even though impressionism originated in Europe, then spreaded to America and Asia including Thailand a long time ago, we must realize that many artists and viewers of art in Thailand are fond of this method of paintings. That is why impressionism has always been popular and will still be in the future.
The collection of sceneries paintings from 1995-2003 brings out the warmth of nature, sunlight and changing colors; maling us realize and appreciate the beauty and value of nature which cannot be replaced.
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Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan Artist : Somsak  Raksuwan
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