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The angel and the crazed giants ::
This latest collection has brought forth the problem of our society at night , with it's glittering lights from the pubs, bars and other entertainment complexes with dim lights, cigarette smoke. A time with lady singers servicing their guests, alluring, and seductive. Their bodies wrapped with clothes that show their flesh in most parts, painted faces bright color lips like some "angel" within the embraces of the patrons of the establishments.

The value of art is not just derived from it's elaborate beauty of shapes and colors, but it should also reflect therealities of life and society.

Therefore art must communicate the essence of the message to the viewers perhaps by using symbols like

Ladies : With their beautiful alluring, seductive looks but at the same time terrifying and dangerous.

Flamingo plant : Signifying men or the male gender

Orchids: as a symbol of the ladies or female

Giants : In the story the giant is the villain or the "bad guy", cruel and terrible.
And as it is a well know fact that giants are always men with an evil intention, taking advantage of the females.

In our current Thai society, both the government and the private sector has tried to campaign for warm and loving families, and for young ladies to "keep themselves innocent" before the suitable age.

But there was a recent survey regarding Valentines day and Loy Krathong, and the result was that Loy Krathong is the day when first sexual encounters happen most, followed closely by Valentine's day.

A day for sex and lust such as the likes of giants, kissing, groping, fondling without shame or conscience of what is right or wrong, ignorant of any ethics.

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