Vasan Sitthiket


Consumerist society stuffs people's gains with madness and desires, to the point they sell body and soul for money to fritter away on desires and lusts, ignorng and forgeting the truth of being. A Technological crisis is burning out of control. The world existed 100,000 million years before human beings were around but the technological revolution brought us to electricity and machinery to make things comfortable and convenient. These days we have all lost and forgotten the inventor's purpose, because all technologies and technicians are under, and a tool of, capital. Capital is madly killing mother earth and human beings, cruelly and in cold blood. Politicians are stupid and dirty, bureaucrats bad and disgusting, monks betray the Dhamma and their doctrine, screwing women followers. Girls sell their breasts and sex organs, children are addicted to drugs and lost in carnal desires etc. This world has no future, for sure.