The themes expressed in my artwork are developed from my life experience, which is a balance between two hemispheres of the globe. With the stable mind of the Thai artist, I am on my own journey, combining East and West together in my work.

Since I have been on this path for a long time, I have discovered that the basis for creating quality art is rooted in an artist living a candid and honest lifestyle. The goal is to express the values of mankind in works of art that will endure forever. The pursuit is both a continuing challenge and its own reward.

I have devoted my life to creating art for more than 39 years. My works reflect my ideas, both past and present and represent my feeling of freedom, joy, and happiness.

To create quality art, I study and practice continuously in order to refine my abilities. Skill is the weapon that I rely on, and I always keep it sharp and ready to use whenever I need it. Skill provides eveything I need so that I am always ready to create, whether I am on a plane or in the desert....

I am still on the same Journey and nothing has changed. I am happy and satisfied with my life as an artist."