The representation of the human face in art is one of my most favourite creative subjects. I have been continually working on this theme and
implementing it into many pieces of art work. The works are like a record of my friends, acquaintances, family, and relatives, depending on the occasion.
When recalling of my acquaintances, their faces immediately come to me. Then, I gradually recall their behaviour and their life stories. Their
faces are filled with expressions that convey a variety of feelings from happiness, fun, calmness, to sadness. I can see them in many postures and with the many faces they have mode. All in all, we can read their mind from the expression on their face.
Some people are able to conceal their feelings inside even though they are in grief. This is because they know how to suppress their emotions.
Even their face can be mode to show no real feelings. The reason why some people do not express their true feelings is that they are not certain about the situation and circumstances and feel insecure. They do not trust the environment and people so it is safer to conceal their real feelings. But as soon as they can feel the presence of a sense of trustfulness and sincerity, their true feelings will be immediately shown on their face.
On the other hand, faces can be mode and disguised to entice and lie to people. A face may say one thing but the real feeling inside is the opposite. In this case, the expression on a person's face can also be a lie.
I have depicted human faces since I become on art student, I started practicing drawing human figures from a model sculpture of a stranger. I did not know him but I tried to make him alive even though he was just a plaster model. Later I drew a real man. I could see his wrinkles that show his passage of time and hard life. The faces of models were stern and stiff, They did not express their real feelings because they were hired to be models. On the contrary, having a direct contact with real people in my life, talking to them, sharing stories with them, I find their faces different from those of models. Their faces are full of life and emotions and they are the faces that I am interested in. Sometimes I record my feelings towards those faces in my mind. I also sketched the faces if I had time and recreate them later on.
This exhibition shows the faces from my recollections, memories and old sketches. I feel that some forces today have changed from the ones that I
have seen and impressed. This is a matter of time. But I still remember and miss those faces even now, However, the lost three collections that I make in 2000 and 2001 are special because they are depictions of life in the new millennium. So I collect and called them "Faces in the New Millennium" as they belong to this period.
I use many different techniques in the depiction of all faces depending on story and the purpose in my mind. I painted on canvas, wood board, aluminium sheets and assemble with other materials.
This collection of faces in 2000-2001 is a creative work that consists of many stories. They originate from my personal records in different times. Each period signifies each of my state of thoughts. I hope these faces con represent my thoughts and reactions toward these different periods.

Vichoke Mukdamanee
March 2001

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