Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
Exhibition : We come from the same way by Vasan Sitthiket
Artist : Vasan Sitthiket


We all come from our mothers' wombs. Sperms and eggs develop into limbs, hands, heads, brains.

We all progress according to our Karma: father, mother, friends, books, music, poetry, film, all arts nurture the intellect. We are not born to be. What is it that makes for selfishness, generosity, and love of life and humanity, cruelty beyond belief? Some become geniuses who save the world, others oppressors who exterminate and destroy. Who can teach and tell but ourselves, begging ourselves therefore to consider and reflect, for the sake of our children yet to come from the same way?

Vasan Sitthiket
15 August 2001

2001 Exhibitions