Rama IX Art Museum Foundation + Yourt Level : 8 Years Old + The 20th PTT Art Contest
Work07 First Place
Thiti Jariyawattanasakul
Wishing Thai Love Each Other
Poster colour, 53.5x77.5 cm.
work09 Second Place
Tanadol Yaotuck
Thai Culture and Kindness That Help One Another
Water colour, 37.5x55 cm.
Work11 Third Place
Maszee Khonthiang
Bore of Gold-Field
56x76 cm.
Work08 Second Place
Kulchira Leksakul
Thai Power Unite to Fight Tsunami
Crayon, 55x75 cm.
Work10 Third Place
Narut Pomnoi
Amazing Thailand
Soft Pastel, 55x75 cm.
Work12 Third Place
Prach Rojanasinwilai
Underwater Land
Ink and soft pastel
70x100 cm.
  General Public
  Not over 8 Year Old
  Between 9-13 Year Old
  Between 14-17 Year Old
2005 Exhibitions