Rama IX Art Museum Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations



Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations



Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations  


Exhibition : "Spirit of Art" Paintings, Drawings, Poems and Installations


Pratuang Emjaroen

Spirit of Art
Pratuang Emjaroen

Pratuang Emjaroen, a self-taught artist has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to create his own style of art. His work has been much admired by his peers, the general public, and collectors alike. His faith in Buddhism, art, life and nature has become his main artistic inspirations. The style of his artwork can be seen through the colorful tones that he uses to reflect the powerful energy and deep emotions inspired by natural beauty.

To honor the great Thai master as well as to celebrate his 70th birthday, the Queen’s Gallery, together with the Artist and Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture organize the “Spirit of Art” exhibition. This is a retrospective exhibition, comprising a collection of Pratuang’s work from 1963 – 2005 which reflect and record each step of his creative path since his commencement on the artist career.

“Spirit of Art” reflects the spiritual essence that has illuminated his life through art creations. The exhibition includes more than 300 selected pieces including paintings, drawings, poems and installations. His work is grouped into four separate periods with different styles and inspiration.

Confrontation to sufferings: (1963 – 1966)
Pratuang’s work during this period was inspired by the personal sufferings of himself and his family as well as that of mankind as a whole. His work reflects adversity, painful sorrow, bitterness and death which are the truth of human existence.

Universe and Abstraction: (1967 – 1975)
During this period, Pratuang dedicated himself to the study of nature. In the beginning he trained his eyes by looking at the Sun and got visual inspiration about colors. The most outstanding work which came out of this period was a series of the Universe (1970-1971). Pratuang’s strong interest in meditation and Buddhist philosophy also drove him to create a series of symbolical and geometrical abstract paintings.

Art for Life: Reflection of Political Society: (1976 – 1979)
The political uprising of October 14, 1973 and October 6, 1976 strongly motivated Pratuang to create a series of paintings with socio-political-religious purpose such as Dharma and Adharm (1973), Sacrifice (Fasting Buddha) (1976) and Seinee Stone (1976). Later, he also worked on a number of pieces that reflected the lifestyle of Thai farmers including such work as The Grain of Virtue (1979).

Universal Symbols, Abstract Symbols: (1980 – 1985)
Nature was Pratuang’s core inspiration. The style of his work during this period is mainly abstracts with free and liberated forms, lively and saturated colors and subtle details through the tip of the paintbrush. All complex details were intended to symbolize and display natural beauty that ever reflects spiritual virtues within every human. The distinguished series accomplished in this period consisted of Life Reflection on Lotus Leaf (1980), The Pebbled Sands of the Earth (1984), Devine Way (1985), Dewdrops on Lotus Leaf (1986) and The Deep Sea (1987). His extensive travel to ranges of mountains, the vast country, oceans and deserts encouraged him to create works of arts with universal elements that can attract people of every nation by unique combinations of forms, techniques and essence. While touring in many national parks in the US such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion and Yosemite, he also did a number of drawings using crayon.

The Creation of Nature - Towards Freedom: (1986 – 2005)
Powerful and refreshing natural energy has energized Pratuang’s imagination to grow and flourish beautifully which he has then translated it into paintings and poems. Outstanding pieces from this period include Magic of the River (1993), Grain Rainbow (1995), Lotus – Essence of Consciousness (1999), Blooming Lotus at Dawn (2002) and Power of Creation (2002). Pratuang hopes to bring joy, happiness and hope for all mankind through his art creations. He believes that we shall be more virtuous and more liberated mind if we unite ourselves with nature.

The “Spirit of Art” exhibition will be held from October 7, 2005 to January 24, 2006.

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