Rama IX Art Museum Great Times Message: Storytellers of the Town by Araya Rasjdamreonsook
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The Insane
Most of the time they sit and tell their stories in the afternoon. They relate how they came to be there, that place everybody calls "the fool's house".
The afternoon sun is sweltering outside while the stories are being told.

There is a scene where red blood from a mother's head pours over a pillow and the sound of a gunshot that the daughter doesn't remember hearing.
This is alternated with the colors and sounds of provincial traditions.

A crossbred house dog excavates amphetamines from a banana tussock and nibbles them till he is way high.

A sensitive woman finds respite in the Dharma and is infatuated with a Buddhist priest.

The unceasing sound of crying comes from the daughter of a righteous father.

A young girl, owner of a zoo, keeps dogs, pigs, elephants, and mammoths that let her watch them heartily mating.

A feverish woman hangs onto deeply imbedded memories of her husbands mistress burying her children.

A Chinese girl opposes the fashionable glorification of male children.

The beloved lesbian granddaughter of a grandmother repents her drug addiction.

And a man, desiring to become a female singer, falls asleep in a public place and is arrested
by the police.

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