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    Introduction Biography Exhibition Publication    

When I was a child, staring at water, whether it was moving or still, would evoke a host of images in my imagination.
I would throw a handful of pebbles into the water and watch the ripples spread in concentric circles, and unless I tossed in a few more pebbles,
gradually the surface of the water would calm. I also remember being fascinated by the blocks of ice at the ice factory near my house.
The cold air on my skin and the blocks of ice insinuated themselves into my dreams.

When I grew up, these images became a starting point for my sculptures, which tell stories about everyday life here on earth.
Everywhere we are searching for adventure. It doesn’t matter whether we are alone or whether there is someone there beside us.
We move through this beautiful world always looking for images that will remain in our memory forever.
Moving images are transformed into still images right before our eyes.

2008 Exhibitions