Rama IX Art Museum Foundation

Artist : Bancha Suriyaburaphakul
Concept :

Through the circle of life, things are normal sadness and happiness is the truthfulness of life.
Every life is born to dead. We give the value to the meaning of life in many aspects, Chaotic and peacefulness.
The intellectual of the Buddhism taught to consider into the meaning of life and nature.
Every single life is design to live as life.

Buddhism thought to search for the truthfulness of life. We have been done somehow in such a right and wrong things.
Illusion is leading us to fall into the pitfall of darkness. Somehow it wakes us up out of the lust and seeking for the real truth.
Mind was lost from time to time and was clear from ages pass.
When we look at the dew that was drop to the leaf at night and vapor after the sunshine.

And as the sun was shine to give us light to the earth. For a period of time the darkness has come.
That is all in circle.

We have been perceived things around us as the pair of different but it shows me in difference paradox.
Things are all in one.
Sadness and happiness
Good and bad
Life and dead
Darkness and brightness
That is all are the same.

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