KASIKORNBANK Paining Contest


KASIKORNBANK would like to announce a painting contest in honor His Majesty the King on the auspicious occasion of His 80th Birthday Anniversary in order to promote artistic creations by Thai artists. The contest rules are, as follows:


A main concept for artistic creations shall demonstrate His Majesty the King’s royal generosity toward all his subjects, including his perseverance in carrying out all the tasks with Virtues of the King and a determined heart, bringing happiness and tranquility to the Thai people. Moreover, paintings should also portrait the customs, traditions, arts, culture and social conditions of the people during his reign


1. The painting must have a concept as described in (1).
2. The painting must show skills and creativity in realistic art, being precise in terms of persons, venues and compositions, according to royal traditions, or in symbolic art.
3. The technique in painting is not limited, but should use techniques and materials that are durable.
4.The painting size, excluding the frame, must not exceed 4 square meters.
5. The work must not have received an award from any contest before, otherwise it will be ineligible for the contest.


Only artists of Thai nationality can submit works to the contest. The painting must be made with their own skill and creativity.


1. One artist can submit not more than 2 paintings to the contest. The work must be submitted to the same place at venues accepting entrants in any region as stated in (4.4).
2. The creation submitted to the contest must be complete and ready to display.
3. The work submittal period is during September 7-9, 2007.
4. Contact venues to send the work into the contest are listed below:

Central region Art Centre, Silpakorn University
Northern region Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University
Northeastern region Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khon Kaen University
Southern region The President’s Office Building, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus

5. Sending and acceptance of the painting is the responsibility of the artist who owns the work.


1. The selection and judgment stages are divided into the-
- Selection stage occurring in the region where participants submitted their paintings; and,
- Final judgment stage at the headquarters of KASIKORNBANK. The winner will be selected by the Judging Committee.
2.The decision of the Judging Committee is final. The participants will not be permitted to appeal the result of competition.
3.The Judging Committee has the right to select the art they deem as the most appropriate to receive awards, or participate in the exhibition.
4.The Judging Committee has the right to cancel or add any award at their own discretion.
5. The final judgments will be announced on the website, www.kasikornbank.com, at the headquarters of
KASIKORNBANK and the press on September 28, 2007.


There are 12 awards:
1. “Golden Painting Brush” Awards for the best painting:
There is one award, with a value of THB 1,000,000 together with a golden painting brush.
2. First prize:
There is one award, with a value of THB 500,000.
3. Second prize:
There are 2 awards, with a value of THB 300,000 each.
4. Third prize:
There are three awards, with a value of THB 200,000 each.
5. Special prize:
There are five awards, with a value of THB 100,000 each.
The total value is THB 3,200,000 (Three million and two hundred thousand Baht)
6. Citation Awards:
THB 10,000 will be paid to any artist whose painting is selected to show at the exhibition, except for the award- winning works.
7. In case no artist deserves an award, the Bank will consider donating that amount of money for educational purposes.


1. All award-winning works of contributors will become the property of KASIKORNBANK PCL.
2. The Bank will have the right to publicize all award- winning works.


will announce the venues for award-presentation ceremony and the exhibition later.