Rama IX Art Museum
Artist : Manoth Pengtong
Biography Portfolio Exhibition Book Artist Manoth Pengtong ŻԹ ⹪ 秷ͧ
ٵ  ԹԾҹ, Birth, Enlightenment, Parinibbana ·ǹ, Rolling Background ѧǹ㹢ѹ , Circle of the Fifth Element ѵ, The Three Animals ˭, Big Buddha
͸ҧ, The Dhama Boat Sailing in the Sea of Fire 繾ط, Reflection Seen Buddha Ҿ, Unruly Horse 鹧㹻ҡ, Sit Like a Tongue in The Serpent's Mouth -˹ҷ, Task
, The Cystal Horn Buffalo ʩǹ, Hermit Crab оǹ, Coconut in Waxen Sea ŧ, Trap شµ, Stop Six Head Snake
ҤͺǪ١, Enter Priesthood Թ, The Standing Stone Cliff ä, Magga (The Part to be Arahats Hip) ͧҧʧҧ, The Way to Enlightenment ˹͡, Beyond Lust
ǧ繸, Seeing Dhamma ʸ, Current of the Law      
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