Rama IX Art Museum
Artist : Manoth Pengtong
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 Birth : 9 June 1962, Koh Samui, Suratthani

Education : Silpakorn University Bangkok,Thailand

Address : 70/215 Sermsiri Village, Soi. Sangsri, Payasurain Road, Bangshan, Klongsamva, Bangkok 10510

Tel : 02-919-1099, 086 7973862

Email : manoth_peng@hotmail.com

Solo Exhibition

1999  - Today & Yesterday at Sheraton Grade Sukumvit Road, Bangkok
2000  - Traces of Prosperity at boathouse inn Pugat
   - Peace Art Exhibition at Santiburi
2010  - dhamma puzzle at jamjuree art chulalongkhon university, Bangkok


1982  - Annual Art Exhibition at art vocational school
1983  - Annual Art Exhibition at art vocational school
1984  - Art Axhibition of vocational school
1987  - 2nd youth art exhibition of Thailand
1994  - 1St water color art exhibition.
   - Honor majesty art exhibition
1995  - 2nd water-color art exhibition
1996  - Art on Earth at River city Shopping Complex
   - Seacon Square. Art Exposition at Exhibition hall Seacon Square Shopping and Entertainment
   - Thai Group Art Exhibition at River city Shopping complex
   - Art Exhibition at Sipprapa Art Center
1997  - 'Color-Live-River' by Ten Group Artist at Ban Chowpraya
   - In the Past and Tomorrow by Rhong Roye Group Artist
   - At river city Shopping Complex
   - Modern Art Exhibition at central Plaza
   - Art Exhibition opening Ban Silp Ramintra
   - Art Exhibition opening Jittasilp
1998  - ‘moanka’ Art Exhibition at River city Shopping Complex
   - ‘Brush on Heart in Thailand’ 15 Year Hi-Class Magazine at Pridi Banomyong Institute
   - ‘25 Year 14 October’ Art Exhibition at Pridi Banomyon Institute
   - ‘Hara’ Art Exhibition at Santiburi Koh Samui Suratthani
   - ‘Party artist’ at Sipprapa Art Center
1999  - ‘Relation ship’ Art Exhibition at Mercureri
   - Honor Majesty Art Exhibition The King 6TH Cycle Birthday Anniversary at Central Bangna
   - SeaCon Square Art Exposition to Celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of his Majesty the King’s 6TH Cycle Birthday Anniversary
2000  - ‘Contemporary Art Exhibition by 15 Artist at the Emerald Hotel
2001  - ‘ Realistic’ Art Exhibition at Santiburi Koh Samui Suratthani
   - ‘Paty Artist 2001’ at Sipprapa Art Center
   - ‘Water Color Art Exhibition at Santiburi Koh Samui Suratthani
   - ‘Spiritual Entertainment’ Art Exhibition at Sthira Dhammasthan
   - ‘Stream of Art to Safeguard our Children at Rimsourn Gallery Forjune Tower
2002  - ’70 Year democracy’ Art Exhibition at pridi Banomyong Institute
2003  - Steam of Art Steam of Hearts at Gasorn Plaza
   - Seacon square Art Exposition to Celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 4TH Cycle Birthday Anniversary
   - Art of Peace at sathira Dhammasathan
   - ‘Painting for Deformed’ at the Emerald Hotel
   - ‘ Nice Art in Thailand’ by Sippavisut Artist Group at Island Art Exhibition
2004  - ‘Thaksinawat’ At Triple tow Boutique Hotel Bangkok
   - ‘Commemorative Art Exhibition in Aid of Cancer Relief at siriraj Hospital
   - ‘ 3RD Art exhibition in Celebration of Hen Royal Highness the Princess Mother’ at River city Shopping Complex
   - Seacon Square Art Exposition for the Queen’ at Seacon Square Shopping Complex
2005  - ‘Besides & Beyond’ by Thaksinawat Artist Group at CRC tower all Season Place
   - ‘Art and Peace 60 years Thai Peace ; World Peace’ at Pridi Banomyong Institute
2006  - ‘Mind 2006’ by Progressive Artist Group at Impac Maengtong tani
   - ‘Siriraj Art Exhibition to Commorate the 60TH Anniversary of HM’s Accession to the throne of Thailand at Siriraj Hospital
   - Seacon Square 60TH Anniversary of his Majesty the King’s Accession to the throne
2007  - Art Exhibition the Power of art on the Salaween River at SCB Park Plaza
   - Art Exhibition for the King at 7 Eleven Gallery
   - Exhibition of art Singha 70 years at Forum Zone floor 1ST Central World Bangkok
2008  - stream of arts
   - Krabi contemporary art museum
2009  - the art of giving at the queen’s Gallery
   - the 1st art exhibition of the international visual artist association of Thailand
   - Stream of arts to foster the Artists
2010  - Dhamma puzzle at Jamjuree art chulalongkhon universty
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