Installation View
  Temporary Insanity
  Breast Sand Jedis in Spain
  Breast Fruits
Breast Stupa Cookery Project
Breast Stupa Cookery-Paris 2006
Temporary Insanity. Breast Stupa Cookery, Breast Fruits / Breast Jedis
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Temporary Insanity(2003-2004) comprises of soft sculptures made from silk in tones of orange, vermilion, lemon and red with hidden sound sensors. They will react from the sounds of the audience, eventually making the sculptures undulate in different motions.

Breast Stupa Cookery, an ongoing, collaborative art project started in 2005
explores how cooks interpret the form of breast+stupas. Professional and amateur chefs create meals using specially designed breast stupa-shaped cooking molds made in cast aluminum and glazed stoneware. Food becomes the art medium and connection.

The works have become more and more interactive.They cross over the gender line and attempt to explore the humor, the fragility and the vigor of the senses through sight, touch, sound, scent and taste. It is my attempt to “reach out” to expand our perception and alter our attitudes through the senses arouse by this strong female bodily symbol whether from a painting, a drawing, or an installation.

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