Rama IX Art Museum Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong

Preecha Rachawong was born in Chiang Rai province, where he now lives with his wife and two children. Preferring acrylic paints on canvas, his painting techniques are largely self taught, though has been influenced by Thai classical art and the experience of other local artists. Since 1983 he has shown painting in numerous art exhibitions but the “Bringers of Hope” and the Born in the Mire” are the fist two solo works. He has also been commissioned to undertake decorative illustrations for temples and a museum. He is keen observer of nature and rural traditions and cultures, especially in the hills of Chiang Rai, where his wife is a health worker. Many of his paintings record past and present scenes of simple village life. The “Bringers of Hope” and the Born in the Mire” reflect his deeper feelings for the lives of the people around him.
  Born 17 September 1961
  Address 189 Moo 2, Tambon Maekham, Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province 57240, Thailand
  Telephone (6653) 665 402, (668) 7189 9146
  Education - High school, Sammakkee Wittayakom school, Chiang Rai
- Art - Self learning through working and observing nature
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