Somsak Chowtadapong สมศักดิ์ เชาวน์ธาดาพงศ์

My imagination of art concerns the expression of inner feelings towards nature and the environment. I love to explore what is going on around me, from fine detail such as gravels, stone, sand and soil up to the vast space of the sky. I do this not as a natural scientist, but as a student of Buddhist philosophy. Ultimately, I discover the essence of Buddhism : it is a law of balance of nature.
For several years, I have manipulated with traces of lines and colours which break in to flat areas of muted tone of restrained colours on my canvases I do not intend to produce an " illustration " of things and places. I do, however, mean to exhibit a kind of correspondance between my inner feeling and the outside world around me. Previously, I might have defined my painting " abstract ", now I have found that things are abstract in themselves.

Rama IX Collection

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