" ...that is the medium I choose to depict my inner claustophobic feelings which is also a sur-realistic records of past experiences people and places...
The technique and materials used are gotten from those that are close at hands. Some have been redecorated and some reinvented.
In reality most of the works have a dream like quality which do not inspire strong emotions on part of the spectators. The works are simple and straight forward and deeply peaceful in their frames, only..."

Born 1949 Nakorn Rajsima, Thailand
Pass Away 1992 Bangkok
1970 Division of Fine Art, College of Technology and Vocational Education, Nakorn Rajsima
1976-79 Folkwang Schule, Essen, Germany
Scholarship by Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.v., Gesamthochschule Universitat Essen, Essen, West Germany
1967 Art Exhibition, 20 Gallery, Bangkok
Art Exhibition, A.U.A., Bangkok
Art Exhibition, British Council, Bangkok
Art Exhibition, Mekpayab Art Centre
Two - Women Show, Goethe Institue, Bangkok
Thai Contemporary Art Exhibition, West Germany
Art Exhibition with 12 German Artists, Saarbrucken, West Germany
One Man Show, Galerie Hinterhaus, Kiel, West Germany
3 Women Artists, Goethe Institute, Bangkok
1974 1st Bua Luang Exhibition of Paintings, The Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1984 An Exhibition of Art by Three Women Artists, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1986 TISCO Invitation 1986 An Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bangkok
1992 Artists to Heart for Emergency Home, Hilton International Bangkok at Nai Lert Park, Bangkok