Alongkorn Sriprasert :  The Four Necessities for Living

Alongkorn Sriprasert
The Four Necessities for Living
Oil on canvas & oil on injet, Available size

We can not deny that in the past the being of life of Thai people based on four factors that necessary for human. One of four factors is clothes. The being of life of people go together with the roles of clothes. In the period before, the meaning of clothes is something to keep the body warm, protect the body and then developed to be decoration for beauty. Further more clothes is developed to be the trend of advertising which followed the tradition of consumption.
However clothes seem to be the important part of four factors and the form fordressing with clothes always change. We can observe and able to realize the way of being that change through clothes also.
I would like to compare two condition to motive the audience question in my work of art that I do not say which one is good or not.