Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
  Exhibition : "Recent & Selected works" by Inson Wongsamon 9th September- 9th October, 2004 at Atelier Art Gallery

Concept of works

A common feature that runs through all of ]nson Wongsam's works is the notion of "taking away." Whether it's digging, chipping, scraping or chiseling into the surface of a piece of wood, each act of "taking away" is the result of a conscious decision. It may be a quick decision, but it is one made hundreds and thousands of times, each with a specific goal, each with a specific weight. There are hundreds and thousands of pieces of wood to remove and discard. This process is a metaphor for human life. Each of us is shielded by an outer layer that we must constantly chip away at in order to reveal what is beautiful and essential below. Each blow into the surface of the wood is a source of pain, but it is only through a long series of such blows that the inner beauty can be revealed. inson conceives of a form in his imagination, and then by carving, gouging, and polishing, he brings this idealized form to reality. At the end of this process of "taking away," the artist discovers in the wood the beauty he has imagined.

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