Rama IX Art Museum Great Times Message: Storytellers of the Town by Araya Rasjdamreonsook
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Feces, life, love, lust
Sometimes life is in color; sometimes it is in black and white
This is a simple comparison between one's moods and the understanding of the basic visual elements in a work of art.

When we have to face something, which ...in fact, we choose ourselves. But what if the thing we choose is a dark grey?
Then we will console ourselves by thinking that when there is hot, there must be cold; after it has been dry, the rain will come.
(sings) The scent floats on the wind (hums), its fragrance like a tree in God Indra' s heaven (sings).
Your scent must flutter in the breeze, sprinkle down over here. Your scent caresses and upsets our delight. Your scent inspires devotion to the soul of dreams. Awareness comes instantly. This scent is attached to heavenly inspiration (your scent blows gently, snuggles up to us).

We play, we sleep, and then we play, and then we sleep, we play, we go about our affairs.

At one time, we start to wonder about our daily lives.
We drive our car in an attempt to escape our daily lives. We descend from the cold, high
mountains, towards the warm sea. Traveling one thousand kilometers to look back on it from a distance.
It s a journey of two lives. It s a long journey; it tires us out. We don t look at anything once we
have reached our accommodation, but begin by sleeping once more. The driver really sleeps.
As for the one who slept through the entire journey, she gathers some things for the future.

Or, maybe we cannot find the unusual by changing locations.
Because of the monotonous repetition within ourselves. It is in our way of thinking; it permeates the familiarity of our moods.

We try to find good-natured new friends in a new place. We hope that something will change.
But we are side by side most of the time. Some activities have disappeared.
Such as, when one of us shits, the other one must not clean up the mess.
But besides that, we still conduct our various activities in the same way.

At the seaside, we sleep and we sleep.
The woman dreams of naked bodies. Parts that are defective in herself; parts that she lacks.
She dreams long enough to compensate for what she lacks in real life.

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The female dog dreams of a large, luxurious dinner for such a long time that its belly almost bursts. In spite of the fact that it s only a dream.
After being saturated with our dreams, we walk along the beach. We walk, then we run, then we walk again.

Song : Look there, look at the sea. We see lulling waves kiss the rocks. Sometimes reckless, loudly colliding with the rocks.
The sea never sleeps. Who can tell us why the sea is always awake. Sometimes she sobs. The sea is always awake..........

The sea has become our place. We will guard it until the end of our lives. Guarding the splashing waves, morning till evening, we're getting used to its accent ..........

On the morning of the second day, we thought that as the price of our accommodation was rather high, breakfast should be included. So we waited.

We waited from before sunrise until the sun was well up in the sky. When the restaurant opened, a member of the staff told us that if we wanted breakfast we d have to pay extra.

We journey back to our daily lives on the mountains, which for two, three days we have been looking at from afar, close to the sea.

We return home.

Our daily lives are the same as ever. Sometimes we take an interest in them, in order not to become too boring.

  2006 Exhibitions