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The Nine-Day Pregnancy of a Single, Middle-Aged Associate Professor
It is quite similar to drawing a picture. Sometimes we insert certain things that are not real.
It may be the light, maybe the shadows; or a tree is added to the landscape we are drawing that is not really in front of our eyes.
We do this to achieve a better sense of balance. It is not different at all.

'Tong', as a noun means 'pregnancy'; as a verb it means 'being pregnant'. If the pregnancy does not manifest itself inside the 'tong' (meaning 'belly'),
but outside the belly, wouldn't it then be difficult to achieve a sense of balance?

Maybe it is because 'tong I means the creation of new life, a growing new life. That makes the issue very important.
Besides this, 'tong' also concerns matters of love, sexual desire, fashionable notions about continuation of the family name in certain cultures,
and the wondrous joy that comes with it. 'Tong' is further associated with strong bonds, and with coincidence.

'Tong' may have many more meanings. In some cultures, 'the one who is pregnant and the one who makes pregnant', have very different statuses.
In that case, one may wonder how those two people could have met at the point that is called becoming pregnant .

Being of the gender that has the ability to become pregnant, and having to face many different conditions, a woman with the status of Associate Professor, single, and coming of an age where pregnancy is no longer desirable, this is a pregnancy in the context of art, taking up a period of nine days.

One year later she travels from Chiang Mai to settle some affairs in Bangkok. There she meets her former advisor. He asks her: "How is your baby?" On seeing her puzzled expression, he elaborates:

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"About a year ago, I got news from Chiang Mai that Araya was pregnant."

Besides this, there are other stories; a male artist, after a visit to Chiang Mai, returns to Bangkok to spread the news of 'her pregnancy'.

Later on, he is mocked by his friends, in an amusing way, when the news comes out that
"that was a nine-day-long-performance ".

The reactions from her close friends, when her pregnancy is ended, range from refusal to talk to her,
and wearing black as a token of protest, to expressing the opinion that pregnancy is not something to play games with and asking questions concerning abortion.

All these reactions confirm that 'being pregnant', even though it originates from somebody's private life,
is incorporated into the culture and thus made into a public affair as well.

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