In-Your-Face (2002)

"... For sitters, I chose my expressive artist friends. I then tried to present them in ways that would be inconceivable even to them. Whatever their particular obsession, I made them take it to extremes. No holding back, no embarrassment.
If your thing is to vent fury through your big mouth; if your thing is childlike obliviousness, go ahead. Be my guest. If you're into particular parts of genitalia, grab your thing and run with it.
Confront your fetish, stuff your face; what's in your face, shoved through the camera in my face.
Cynics may say these artists are posing to be 'cool'. Some may wonder why I didn't ask 'normal people' like bankers, say, or butchers, taxi drivers or professors to pose for me.
The question is: would any of these 'normal people' have the courage - and it does take
courage - to express themselves for me like this? We're not talking about an exhibition in vanity or a PR exercise, like a celebrity or a fashion shoot here. This is way beyond the limits of 'cool'....."
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