Rama IX Art Museum Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong
  Bringers of Hope                                
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  Farmer's haven                                

The inspiration for this exhibition is taken from the story of a junior policeman and a common villager who planted trees for more than ten years.
Ordinary people who have love and faith and who are secure in the things that they do;
people who believe in decent things and who create for the benefit of society and the next generations, with no intention of reaping the smallest reward.

It was once said that people, born into however bad an environment, or whatever hardship, still have the chance to become decent citizens if they have the perseverance to do well.
They can be compared with lotus plants that sprout and grow from the mud, trying to rise up and bloom above the surface of the water.

The story of the men who planted trees and the lives of lotus flowers inspired me to create the series of paintings “Born in the mire”,
to give encouragement to those who have faith in doing good deeds.

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