Rama IX Art Museum Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong
Artist : Preecha Rachawong
  Bringers of Hope                                
  Born in the Mire                                
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Life style of Thai farmers, most are simple. In the planting season, they spend their life in the rice field. “Theing Na” or “Hang Na” – a small hut in the rice field,
is their temporary shelter that protects them from the rain and sun light. The farmers use their Theing Na to prepare food, place for eating and sleeping overnight,
if necessary. Theing Na has different shape, high, low, small or big depends on the status of the owner in different location.

My impression is the simplicity and the usefulness of the Theing Na. I therefore express my impression through the set of my painting theme “Farmer’s Haven”

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